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Tombstone Pillowcase

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Now every time you go to bed at night you can play dead. These personalized black tombstone pillowcases will make you feel like you are lying in your own grave. If you really want to creep out your overnight guests you can have these printed out and waiting for them when they arrive. Get your own set here


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Gothic Crib Set

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Since I’ve clearly been on some kind of weird baby kick lately I figured I’d post this little item I’ve had sitting on my desktop for the last few years. I found this Gothic Baby Crib Set from Kustom Kids Bedding quite a while ago and I knew one day I’d write about it. First, though, I must point out how pissed off I am that this didn’t exist when Scary Daughter was a baby. I would just kill for the chance to decorate a nursery again. Not for the baby, I’ve had enough of that, but just for my own pleasure. I guess I always assumed we’d have another Scary Kid, so I could justify purchasing it, but we are just a one Scary Kid kinda family. Maybe I could buy it for that one day in the way way future that I’ll be a Scary Grandma Jane. Luckily Scary Daughter is taking after me and loves all things scary, so I think she’ll be good with that. Do you think it’s too early to shell out the $375 for my 9 year old’s future child? Probably. Make that hopefully!

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Skull Pillow

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Skull PillowI took my usual trip to Target to check out their Halloween stuff. Unfortunately I was a little late this year, so a lot of the cool stuff I had seen online had sold out. Drat! I did make one great purchase, but it’s not on the Target website strangely. So you obviously can’t order it. You’ll just have to go into the store. It’s made specifically for Target, so I doubt you can buy it anywhere else. I took a not so good picture of it, so you can at least see what it looks like. It’s a very short pile velvet and then the skull part is raised with a higher pile. Contrary to the picture it is very black. I had to lighten the pic so the skull would show up. If you look at it in a certain light you can’t even see the skull. It is solid black on the back, so if you ever fall out of your skull mood just turn it over. There are a lot of skull pillows out there, but I really like the simplicity of this one. They also had a white pillow with Halloween words written all over it like scary, boo, halloween and stuff like that in different fonts. It’s cute, but specifically Halloween so I didn’t want it. Both pillows cost $12.99 each, so I quickly snapped up two of the Skull Pillows for my house.

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Gothic Bed

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French Gothic Iron BedWoo hoo!! It’s the first day of October and you know what that means… it’s almost Halloween!! Well, in my book it’s Halloween all month long. Actually it might just be all year long, but this is my favorite month of the year. I will be covering all things Halloween this month. From decorations to recipes to costumes. Not today though, because I just have to talk about this bed first. I have been waiting my whole life to find a bed that fit my personality and would look good in our house. I’ve searched in antique stores, online, department stores, garage sales etc. and never found anything until today. I was finally looking through my latest collection of catalogs and came across this French Gothic Iron Bed. It’s so gorgeous and exactly what I have been waiting for.  Now I just have to come up with an extra $3000. Anyone willing to chip in? Luckily Scary Husband agrees that it’s awesome, so hopefully that bad boy will be sitting in our bedroom soon. Until then I will tape the picture to our current bed and just pretend. This bed will look so good in my castle one day. You know the one, right? The $15 million dollar one for sale in Great Britain? I’m still $100,000 short, but almost there.


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Skull ChairBat ApronI have found a new artist/designer that I am absolutely in love with. Her name is Georgina Brett Chinnery and the name of her company is Bombarock. Of course, as usual, the company is based in the UK where I am convinced all of the people with good taste or at least scary taste live. Ms. Chinnery started the company in 2006 as an upholstery and design business. Although now she mainly works in leather pieces she has some amazing fabric pieces that are just to die for. Bombarock produces anything from chairs to ironing board covers to aprons. Hard to narrow down what is my favorite, but the Bat Apron and the Skull Chair rank pretty high up there. I just love a designer that has some real style and originality.

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Bird Pillow

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Bird PillowOne of the scariest movies ever made was The Birds. At least it is for me. That movie just makes me shiver. Whenever I see it I spend weeks getting creeped out every time I see a bird and God forbid I should see more than one. That will send me running into the nearest building. Hitchcock was a brilliant director who could make something so sweet and innocent into the most terrifying thing ever. This Bird Pillow reminded me of The Birds the second I saw it. I know I could never have this in my house. Way too scary! I’d never go near a bird and I actually love birds. This pillow is even worse than just a pillow with a bird on it. The birds on this pillow look like they are swarming and coming in for the kill. Way too creepy for me. I draw the line at the bird pillow.

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