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Halloween Crystals

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It’s a little early for Halloween stuff, but the stores are starting to put it out and I just get so excited that I can’t wait. These little magnetic Halloween crystals can hang from anything metal and will give you that little hint of spooky before you really start decorating. You get three ghosts or bats for $39. A little steep, but oh so fun. They won’t cause anyone to scream or lose their lunch, but might be worth a little macabre giggle. Get yours here.


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Elysian Fields

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Oh what lovely wallpaper! Take me to your leader and I will do anything he asks if only he will hang this wonderous paper upon my walls (for free of course). You, gentle reader, can buy yours here.


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Bat Mirror

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20110810-122657.jpgWhen I first saw this Bat Mirror I thought it was totally cool and creepy, but I didn’t understand the name. Maybe I was stupid or just dense, but I didn’t see the connection. This was probably 6 months ago or so. Today I was poking around in my idea file and came across it again. I stared at it and then finally it just popped out at me. Now I just feel like an idiot for not noticing it before. Do you see it? Anyway, I am not a particular fan of the Batman movies, but I do love the old dorky TV show from the 60s. Bruce Wayne had so many bat shaped/themed items, but none of the manufacturers of these items ever figured out that he was the caped crusader? I mean who built that car? Where did they take it when it needed to be repaired? No one ever made the connection? Come to think about it I have a real problem with a lot of super heroes and their supposed secret identities. No one ever figured out that Clark Kent was Superman? Or that Diana Prince was Wonder Woman? The list goes on. How stupid are these people? I may not have seen the bat in the mirror, but even I could see that Prince Adam was He-Man.

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Creepy Mug?

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Creepy Crawly mugSo, I’m upset today. I’m also the biggest klutz ever. I went to get my coffee as usual this morning and as I was getting my favorite mug out it just slipped from my hands and broke. I swear it was like it was greased up or something. It was a really cool mug shaped like a skull. I’ve been looking to replace it today, but have not seen the same one yet. I’ve had it for many years, so they may not make it anymore. There are other skull shaped mugs, but not as neat as mine was. Even though this isn’t skull shaped I found a really creepy mug online that I fell in love with (at right), but it does not seem to be available anymore. Anyone know where I can get one of these? Anyone seen any creepy mugs online that you can point me to? I can’t just drink out of my plain black mugs every day. This mug fit me, it was my muse and I miss it.

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Vampire Bat Weathervane

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Bats WeathervaneI’ve been looking for a cool weathervane since our new house has a spot for one. Most of them are pretty cheesy with roosters, cows or pigs on them which I do not want. I found this deliciously creepy Vampire Bat Weathervane that will be perfect! Bats flying around a moon! How great is that? Wouldn’t it be cool if it cast a shadow on the sidewalk? Probably too high for that. I first saw that it was a garden stake, but then I found that there is a roof mount one as well. It’s well priced at $69.95 and it’s made out of recycled aluminum, so you’re helping the planet too. Win, win! Now I just have to figure out how Scary Hubby is going to get it up there, because it is really high up. Maybe you can hire someone to do that?

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