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Spider Ceiling Fan

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How come it’s so hard to find a fun and creepy ceiling fan? I have searched and searched for the last few years and all I ever see is this bat wing shaped one which I personally think is kinda boring. It was cute when it first came out, but it’s a little too Halloweeny for my taste. What I really want is a spider shaped ceiling fan. No one out there has designed one? How hard is that? Just sayin’.


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Skull Soap

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Black Skull SoapSo you think you have the ultimate creepy bathroom with the bloody shower curtain and rug, a razorblade mirror, the skull toilet brush and the skull towel holder? I bet you don’t have the ultimate scary soap. I’ve searched long and hard over the years for a good scary soap and I was actually rewarded today when I found this Skull Soap. It’s black and it features a scary ass skull on it. What more could you want? Well, for it to be available in the US would make me happy. This little rockin’ bar of soap made by Night Moth is only available in the UK for roughly $6.19, but that’s before shipping. They make other scary soaps such as Necronomicon, a coffin, R.I.P., a bat and even a gothic cherub. Really cool soap, I must say. Wouldn’t it be cool if they lathered up in black too? Or even red?

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“I had a bat hiding in my bra.”

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Bat in my bra Here is a funny little article I found online from July of 2008 which was featured in the I’m not sure what I would do if this happened to me, but I know I’d be pretty creeped out.

“Superhero fans know about the bat phone and the bat car, but how about the bat bra. That’s the gadget Abbie Hawkins seems to have invented, at least. The 19-year-old was amazed to discover vibrations through her body were caused not by her phone but by a bat in her underwear. The hotel receptionist realised the baby creature had hidden itself in the padding of her bra – and pulled it out for all to see. ‘It looked very snug in there and I thought how mean I was for disturbing it,’ she said. ‘I didn’t notice anything when I put my bra on. It had been on the washing line the day before. ‘When I was driving to work I felt a slight vibration but thought it was my phone.’ Miss Hawkins, from Norwich, plucked up the courage to investigate the unusual disturbance after five hours and pulled out the bat, which flew around the Holiday Inn at Norwich airport before being set free in the grounds. The Bat Conservation Trust said the mammals have been known to hide in coats, bags and umbrellas.”

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Bat Lighting

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Bat Pendant LightIn our new house I am not so happy with the lighting. We have slowly been replacing the lights as we find more funky and interesting ones. I have a large island in my kitchen where two very plain pendant lights hang over it. As I was looking around online I found the most perfect lighting ever! It is called a Sunset Pendant, though I have no idea why. Why not call it a Bat Pendant? I mean it does feature a very large bat on it! No reason to be logical I guess. You certainly wouldn’t want it to be easily found by the bat loving public such as myself would you? Anyway, they are so deliciously creepy that I went to click on ordering a pair and got the shock of my life! These amazingly cool light fixtures cost a whopping $1898.00 each! What the hell are they made of? I still covet them though. I wonder if I could talk Scary Hubby into spending that much. Probably not, but maybe just one for our entryway would do? Well, I’m off to grovel and beg…

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