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Zombies Afoot Slippers

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I’m not sure the idea of putting my foot in a zombie’s mouth is all that attractive. Kind of like giving it an appetizer. What’s to stop him from continuing on to the leg? Unless he happens to be a breast man you can kiss your legs goodbye. If you want to risk it they look pretty comfy and can be bought here.


Zombie slippers

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Zombie Snack Bib

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I know every time I see a baby I just want to eat them up. They’re so soft and smell so good. Does that make me a zombie? Probably not since I’m not interested in their brains. I guess I’d be more of a cannibal. Anyway, do you have a baby in your life you are getting a little sick of? All of that whining and crying distracting you from the important things in life? Well, now you can get one of these Zombie Snack Bibs and strap it on that little baby. The zombies will come running/stumbling and your problem will be solved. Just make sure you’re not in the room when they show up or you’ll be the entrée.

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Zombie Brain

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Went out for some dinner tonight at a chinese restaurant that I haven’t been to in ages. Now they have a whole sushi bar, which I find pretty amusing in a chinese place. Anyway, I ordered my usual Orange Chicken and an interesting appetizer called Zombie Brain. I kid you not. It was basically half an avocado mixed with tuna. It was absolutely delicious, but I don’t get the reference. It didn’t look at all like any zombie brains I’ve ever fed on and it certainly didn’t taste that way. I forgot to take a picture of the actual plate, but here’s the picture from the menu. So, whenever I get a hankering for a Zombie Brain I’m still going to have to find one the old fashioned way, but this one will do in a pinch.

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