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Panther Sofa

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Panther SofaPanther SofaWhile I was away many people continued to email me scary things that they would come across. Thanks so much for sticking with me! For those that didn’t… well, they can just suck it!

My favorite thing that was forwarded to me was this Panther Sofa. It was designed by italian Master Craftsman Rodolfo Rocchetti of Tappezzeria Rocchetti. Check out his website for other odd pieces. I absolutely need this sofa! It’s so obnoxious and creepy. The only thing I would maybe change is instead of crushed velvet I’d want regular velvet. Don’t remember what that’s called, but you know what I mean. I do question the placement of the chain however. Are you supposed to sit on it, because having a chain up my butt is not what I am into. Not sure if it is removable or not. It might be handy if you need to detain someone though. For you animal lovers, don’t worry, no real panthers were used in the making of this sofa. I tried to find a price, but no luck. If one of you were to maybe buy this for me I might just be willing to rethink the chain up the butt scenario. Ewww… never mind.

* Thanks Becks123 for the link!

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