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Facehugger Hat

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Umm…nice hat? I guess it’s probably pretty warm. I desperately wanted to make this hat, but I cannot find the origin of the picture, so if anybody knows send it along to me.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.53.04 PM

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Alien Prankster

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Prankster T-ShirtIt’s T-Shirt Tuesday and today I went with something that was more funny than scary. It just made me laugh when I saw it. This Prankster T-Shirt comes from the crazy minds over at I love their imagination and originality. The really neat thing about this company though, is that you can vote on designs for future t-shirts. How awesome is that?

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Hungry Alien

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Hungry Alien SculptureI found this little Hungry Alien online a while back and I had a great idea for him. That just cracked me up and made me want him even more. He is very similar to the Alien Gnome Bandits I covered a few months ago. Probably by the same artist, though it doesn’t say that. This guy is made from recycled nuts, bolts and cutlery. He would look great out in the garden or overlooking your barbecue, but I have a better plan. Don’t you get tired of those dumb little pilgrims your grandmother puts on the table every year at Thanksgiving? Or what about the 40 year old little turkey that Uncle Joe made out of Styrofoam and feathers when he was 4 years old? Why not replace all of that crap and put him right in the middle of your Thanksgiving dinner table? That would certainly wake everyone up and put some fun on your table. Although, you might have to sneak it onto the table when Grandma isn’t looking or she may put a kibosh on your devious plans.

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