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Voodoo Hex Flask

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I love vintage style advertising. Especially when it’s mixed with one of my passions. I admit it, I love the drink or zombie juice in this case. I am in no way an alcoholic since I don’t drink more than once a week, but when I do I want it to be the good stuff. Everything has to be top shelf and if I am out and about I would like to take it with me. I never really thought about having a flask before, but I just might have to give that some serious thought after seeing what artists Trixie & Milo create. They even have some great ones for the ladies. I had a hard time just picking one to put in the post. Check them out and buy one here.


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13th Street Stationary

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A reader sent this in to me and I just had to share. 13th Street is a crime/horror station in Germany.¬†Jacques Pense from the¬†advertising agency Jung von Matt in Germany came up with this fantastic Zombie Stationary. I would like to see this in person. It seems to be very 3D. I absolutely love this and want it desperately. Unfortunately it seems that it is not available for sale since it’s their business stationary. Maybe I can think of some reason to write them and ask a question so they would write me back.

*Thanks to Kevin Green for the link.

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