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Sugar Skulls

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These cute little guys are sugar skulls. No, they are actual sugar molded into skulls not just the skulls with pretty designs to celebrate the Day of the Dead. These are all ready to throw into your coffee, tea or anything else you want a little sweeter even dissolving one into absinthe if that’s the way you roll. If you promise not to only use these during the Halloween season you can get them here.


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Zombie Decanter

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By now you all have probably seen the Crystal Head Vodka bottle that I blogged about here. Well, I just came across a new version, the Zombie Glass Decanter. This one is without the vodka or any other liquid, so you can fill it with anything from Kool-aid to Absinthe. Both, I might add, can be found in a lovely shade of green. Think Geek is selling them for $19.99, so clearly it’s a must buy at a great price. Can’t wait to pull it out for the Halloween party this year.

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