Knife Hooks

When I first saw these knife hooks I thought of the circus. You know the guy throwing knives at the scantily clad woman? They could be so much fun. I can’t believe no one has created them before. Well, technically a company over in England did but they are not quite as creepy and seem more associated with kitchen utensils. They are designed by TC Studio and cost $25 each or you can get five for $100. Can you imagine the fun you can have with these hooks? First of all they don’t even need to be used as hooks. They can be used as art or to make a statement. Put up a picture of the person you dislike most on the wall and put a knife through it. You could even get a bunch of them and arrange the hooks like the outline of a person like the knife throwing guy. Everyone in the family would be able to reach their own hook that way. Even the dog would have a place for his stuff on the foot. You could also hang one next to the bloody shower curtain that I told you to buy earlier. Which you did, right? It would help explain the blood.

knife Hooks 2

Knife Hooks

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