Broomba Haunted Broom

BroombaThis caught my eye and my heart the other day. At first I was very excited by the idea of the Broomba, but then I realized that it is in fact just a Halloween decoration. We’ve all heard of the Roomba, right? The self-propelled vacuum? Well, I have hardwood floors and those don’t work well on them. I know, they say they do, but they don’t. When I saw this I thought: Yay! A self-propelled broom. Of course I didn’t stop to think how that would work. Anyway, once I realized this was not what I thought it was I was still happy. A haunted broom. It is sound-activated, so everyone will be surprised when it starts moving around cackling and playing creepy music. They also automatically change direction when they hit something. So, at your next Halloween party have a bunch of these scattered around and they’ll be moving around and banging into things constantly. It would be a riot. Unfortunately these have sold out for the season. I read that they were so popular that they will probably bring them back next year. Now if only it actually did sweep up the cat hair it would be perfect.

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