Baby Soap Hands

Speaking of body parts, here are some little soaps in the shape of baby hands. Now that’s creepy. Though in a way it does make sense. Hand soap in the shape of little hands. Wash your hands with hands. Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? Seeing it though, in baby form, turns up the creepy factor. This of course makes me love it. These are handmade and only 20 sets are made every day. They may sell out during the day, but every day at noon 20 more sets will be available. Each hand is made from natural vegetable glycerin and is a different shape and skin tone. Here’s a great gift idea! The next time you get invited to one of those baby showers where everything is darling in pastel pink or blue and it all just makes you want to gag bring along a nice little bag of baby hands. Watch all of the shocked and frightened looks and you’ll get to leave in no time. What expectant mother wouldn’t want little cut off baby hands?

Baby Soap Hands

Baby Soap Hands Bag

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